Meet Krista Hunt-Ausland | Urban America, Developing Nations, Environmental Projects

We celebrate Krista's joyful life and legacy by encouraging other young adult volunteers
who serve in three areas she cared for deeply.

Urban America: During college, Krista created and implemented a career curriculum for urban youth that has now been taught to over 10,000 students throughout America through Camp Fire Boys and Girls of America.  After graduation she became an inner-city biology and math teacher at Wilson High School in Tacoma, Washington and developed a model peer tutoring program to help students gain confidence and skills in facing life's challenges.

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Developing Nations: After a life-changing experience as a high school exchange student in Guatemala during their war years, Krista traveled throughout Central America on a college study/service program where she volunteered in a medical clinic in LaCeiba, Honduras. This launched her desire for service in Bolivia with Aaron through MCC where she lived and worked with indigenous women in Bañado de la Cruz, an impoverished remote river valley.

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Environmental Projects: Growing up in the splendor of the Pacific Northwest, Krista's lifelong love and care for the natural world began with her years of camping and backpacking in wilderness areas.  At the University of Puget Sound she worked as a leader in their backpacking orientation for freshman and later became an active participant in the national environmental program for young leaders.

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A Terrible Beauty

This article chronicles the story of Krista’s death and her family's visit to Bolivia not long thereafter. It was written by author and professor Linda Lawrence Hunt, who is Krista's mother and Co-Founder of the Krista Foundation.

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Krista's Story

Read this heartfelt sketch of Krista's youth and life, compiled by Aaron Ausland:

"Krista was born on Nov. 5, 1972 in Seattle Washington, where Jim, her father, was finishing graduate school at the University of Washington. Her mother, Linda, was busy with their first child, Susan, who was born in 1970. Prior to that Linda had been a high school teacher. The next year they moved to Spokane where Jim taught as a history professor at Whitworth College. When Krista was 3, her brother Jefferson, who was adopted from Korea at 4 years of age joined their family..."

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Krista's Writings

Krista wrote notes and emails, and composed poems as she wrestled with life's questions and processed her service experience. This section is dedicated to her writings.

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Jeremy Funk and Linda Hunt dance at the Krista Foundation Conference.

"Joy Dance"

A poem written for Krista by Jeremy Funk, one of her fellow MCC volunteers in Bolivia, on the night of her death.

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