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Promoting Service As A Way Of Life


Krista and boys in BoliviaIn a world that is often defined and divided in terms of economics, ideology, race, gender, and religion, The Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship supports young adult volunteers as they embrace the challenges and joys of serving alongside others in our interconnected world. Nominated by university, civic, and church leaders, all Krista Colleagues serve with established agencies. Watch our video.

The Krista Foundation was founded in 1999 in Spokane, Washington, to honor the life and vision of Krista Kimberly Hunt Ausland, who was killed at age 25 while volunteering with her husband, Aaron, in global service in rural Bolivia. Inspired by Krista's desire "to show God's love in actions," her family and friends wanted an enduring legacy to celebrate her spirit of active love and faith.

The Krista Foundation provides mentoring support and Service and Leadership Development Grants for young adults in their twenties who are engaged in a sustained period of voluntary or vocational service as an expression of their Christian faith and values. Through our ecumenical and intergenerational community the Krista Foundation seeks to encourage a new generation of leaders to develop a lifelong ethic of service, civic engagement and global understanding.

Meet Krista Hunt-Ausland

Krista Hunt Ausland lived a joyful life of service. We celebrate her life and living legacy as a Foundation. Click on this section to read stories of her life, her writings, and to see how her passions influence the shape of our Krista Colleague programs. You can also access an article written by her mother, Linda Lawrence Hunt, entitled A Terrible Beauty.

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Meet Our Board & Staff

Our intergenerational board brings a wonderful array of expertise, imagination, and interests that help us continually strengthen our Foundation and improve the quality of our work with young adult leaders.
As Krista Colleagues themselves, our three dedicated staff members bring passion for the Foundation and first-hand experience to our programs and daily operations. 

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The Hearth

In 2001, Jim and Linda Hunt replaced the barn at their Spokane home and built the Hearth, a guest center that has many purposes, including a special place for Krista Colleagues and the foundation community. A circle stain-glass window with the Krista Foundation logo illuminates the great room within the Montana stone fireplace wall...


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Our History

The Krista Foundation was founded in 1999 in Spokane, Washington to honor the life and vision of Krista Kimberly Hunt Ausland. Her family and friends wanted to create an enduring living legacy in her memory and celebrate the spirit of active love and faith she gave to the world by encouraging other young adult Christians committed to a significant time of service.

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Our Vision & Mission

The Krista Foundation trains and nurtures young leaders. We provide a perspective and context for volunteerism and service values that enables our colleagues - both during and after their volunteer time - to integrate their service experiences as a way of life.

Our colleagues touch lives through hands-on volunteer service with organizations such as the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps or the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

Our community develops young Christian leaders during their pivotal 20-something years.

Our colleagues' insightful leadership positively shapes our global and local communities.

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