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We like your energy: Thanks for clicking on the get involved page, we hope you find an option or two below where you can join us in sustaining our work with young adults.

Alicia Favreau serves fresh local tamales at Think Globally Move LocallyThe Krista Foundation Community extends beyond the Krista Colleague Program to include a great network of people who care about service, healthy volunteerism, the environment, young adult leadership development, ecumenical dialogue, and/or simply contributing to a positive future. Our organization thrives on the talents and resources of our greater community which includes, families, friends, churches, universities, service organizations, and businesses.

Ways To Get Involved

There are many ways to support the work of The Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship. Please consider the following options and feel free to email or call our office to find our most updated needs. 

Join Our Mailing List

Sign-up to receive our quarterly newsletters and/or email updates with stories and details on Krista Foundation happenings.

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Volunteer with the KF

Help to support our vision of healthy service volunteerism by lending a hand with the nuts and bolts around the Seattle office, and in Seattle or Spokane event planning & logistics. Until we have a 'current volunteer needs' list, please contact the office to discuss current needs.

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The KF is an organic network will host formal and informal local events, including occasional dinner gatherings, bike rides, book groups, informational fundraisers, issue discussions, or community worship. See our event calendar.

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Network with the KF Facebook Group

Yes, we have a Facebook group. Almost half of the colleagues have a page. This can be a good way to stay connected for informal community events.

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In addition to our annual day of prayer on May 20th each year, we have a small number of supporters committed to pray for the needs of the Krista Colleagues and the broader work of the Krista Foundation. Please contact us to request a list of prayer requests from last year's day of prayer, or to be updated when there are more specific prayer requests. 

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Become a Colleague

You may be eligible to get nominated (or nominate) for our grant and mentoring program. See our nominations & applications page for eligibility and timing.

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Help us spread the Krista Foundation vision with your world

Would you like to introduce the Krista Foundation vision to others who might want to get involved? While our colleagues serve across the globe, our fundraising efforts are based out of the Pacific Northwest. If you are interested in volunteering, or involving your church or your business, please follow the link below.

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