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Thank you for taking this step to honor a young adult currently serving or considering a volunteer service term in the very near future. Please complete the nomination form and recommendation. A well crafted recommendation that highlights the gifts of the nominee, as well as her/his fit with our Foundation values can make the difference in their selection as a Krista Colleague. While we cannot accept all nominees, we do give each qualified candidate careful consideration. Please read our eligibility criteria carefully. We thank you for taking this step of leadership to support young adults in service.

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Please note that all nominations for the upcoming year are due by March 20th in order to be considered for that year's grant. Nominations received after that will be postponed to the next year.

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Please address the following areas: Identify this Krista Colleague nominee's major areas of service or leadership during the college years or beyond. In what ways does this nominee's character and personality contribute to his or her ability for effective service within communities?

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