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In our increasingly complex and interconnected world, the Krista Foundation provides intentional spaces and resources for young leaders to think and act globally and locally. Over the past decade we have seen how our strategic support and development has empowered creative young American leaders to 'live the questions' of global citizenship as they engage and navigate these questions in their personal choices and faith traditions, their professional vocations, and their broader community activism.

As our capacity grows, we will have greater ability to take advantage of opportunities to partner with universities, service organizations, and other community groups promote the resources and intentional spaces for healthy service, healthy debriefing, and developing a lifelong ethic of service.

Our Services


Debriefing and Guidance Services

A healthy debriefing experience is vital for the social, emotional and psychological health of any returning volunteer. Yet navigating the tensions of entering a new culture, or returning with new lenses to a familiar culture can be overwhelming and at times painful. The Krista Foundation has taken great care to craft a debriefing retreat experience for returned colleagues, and looks forward to offering this service on a limited basis to other universities or service organizations who are interested in partnering with our Foundation.

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Speakers' Bureau

In an American culture that many worry is toxic and consumer-driven, we want to provide opportunities for returning Krista Colleagues to model and share an alternative vision. We are slowly developing this service where Colleagues are available to secondary and undergraduate schools and civic organizations to share thier experiences, and infuse the youth culture with a vision of service for their own lives. To assure skillful presentations, we provide these future American leaders with training in communication. Colleagues have spoken in classrooms, conferences, or church groups around the Pacific Northwest. Services dependent on colleague availability and geographic restrictions.

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The Global Citizen Journal

Training: Each volume contains articles that support healthy volunteer service, from preparation and community engagement to articles that explore the joy and great challenges of living and serving in a community context. The journal is ideal for training before and during short or long term study abroad and service learning programs.

Teaching: Professors are using the journal as course material. Whitworth University students in Moses Pulei's World View Theology course study and discuss the journal every semester.  The journal is a component of courses that explore: theology, leadership, international development, intercultural communication, and mutually beneficial community engagement. Resale purchases are 20% discount for University Bookstores.

Mentoring: Service Learning programs can provide a journal for each young adult, stirring conversation and stimulating a peer mentoring connection as they serve. As Sharon Parks Daloz, PhD, a national expert on mentoring and young adult development, says, "[Young adults are] looking for place and purpose in a changing world, ... reexamining their earlier beliefs and assumptions as they encounter a bewildering array of new experiences and complex choices.  Too many wander through this challenging time alone, without the presence of mentoring voices."

Reflecting and Growing: The transformative growth process for young adults in service does not end when they leave the place of service. In fact, service learning research increasingly shows that one of the most critical but often neglected components is a period of debriefing and integration. Recognizing this, the Krista Foundation and other volunteer service groups use the journal to help young adults process their service experiences and integrate lessons learned.

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Krista Colleague Grant and Mentoring Community

Every year, 15-18 eligible young adults are awarded a Service & Leadership Development Grant and enter a mutual commitment as part of our peer-mentoring community. Read more about this service in our Colleague Program. If you'd like to nominate a young adult to become a Krista Colleague, please review our nomination criteria and timeline, and submit a nomination form. Click here for nominations. 

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