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Service volunteerism can be an amazing adventure - filled with life-shaping connections and heart-stretching challenges. Share your experience of the service journey.

Articles in The Global Citizen are written by young adults during or after volunteer service, and by ‘veteran’ global citizens.  Submit articles for consideration to  Articles go through an extensive editorial review process and those accepted are published online. Articles must adhere to The Chicago Manual of Style 15th edition (2003) guidelines for publication. Submissions must be accompanied by the author’s biography and any photographs or artwork the author wishes to have reviewed for publication alongside the written piece. Although the editing process can be described as a mentoring process in which the editors work closely with the authors in detail to achieve the highest quality work, the editorial staff retains the authority to select and edit as needed for final publication.  Article length may range from 1000 - 3000 words.

Service organizations, service-learning programs, and church mission teams, and university professors find these reflections to be valuable tools in trainings, classrooms and service immersion debriefings. To see an informational guide to using the journal, click here.

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