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Global Citizen Coffee Circle


Farmer and studentBetter coffee for you,
Better wages for farmers,
Better leaders for tomorrow

Join the Global Citizen Coffee Circle  and you'll nurture a worldwide community of small coffee farmers and young leaders intent on changing the world.

With every delicious cup, you'll help Zoka Coffee's independent growers create sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families-and help the Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship equip young volunteers with leadership skills equal to the challenges of our times.

As global as Zoka coffees, these young leaders serve from Tacoma and Chicago to Ulan Bator and Tegucigalpa, pursuing long-term, sustainable, game-changing goals.

Like delicious coffee, thoughtful leadership is no accident. Krista Foundation's mentoring community supports Joe Martinez and other young volunteers as they unpack their year of service and transform its pains and joys into skills for a lifetime of service leadership.  As International Labor Advocate and Mexico Program Director for the United Farm Workers, Joe is building bridges between farm workers and farm owners in the U.S. and Mexico through programs that benefit both groups.

Raise your cup and celebrate Joe and other emerging young Global Citizens!

The deal:

Global Citizen Coffee CircleFor just $36.00 a month plus shipping (ranging from $5-8 depending on location), you'll receive two 12-ounce bags of Zoka's award-winning, fair-trade coffee delivered monthly.

Thanks to Zoka, 40-50% of the proceeds of your purchase will be invested in the Krista Foundation's mentoring and skill-building programs.

The Global Citizen Coffee Circle delivers a monthly selection from Zoka's current Single Origin offerings. They are constantly traveling to the world's best coffee growing locations and tasting the nuances of each year's crop from their family direct farmers. With this subscription you'll enjoy seasonal crops from Central America in the spring and summer to Africa, Asia and South America in the fall and Winter. You will always be treated to Zoka's favorite single origin coffees and the best the world has to offer.

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Why a social enterprise partnership between Zoka and Krista?

Zoka Coffee and the Krista Foundation see eye to eye on fundamental values.

Both Zoka and Krista model "best practices" that push back against the short-term, task-focused way of doing business in the coffee industry and the volunteer service movement.

Both seek to encourage and develop mutual, respectful, and long-term relationships that bridge cultures and change lives.

From coffee farmers in Nicaragua to young people serving vulnerable community members in Spokane, both Zoka and the Krista Foundation nurture thoughtful, gifted global citizens ready to make their vision of a better, fairer world a reality for all of us.

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Expand the Circle and purchase a gift subscription for a friend!